Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Health Services I Go

Remember when I mentioned how I always go to health services? Well, this past week was a testament to that.

In fact, I basically was Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. When Brett was in Egypt’s land, let my Brett go.

Sunday night, my throat started to bother me. When I called home, my dad told me I was fine. I mean he is the same man who didn’t believe me when I said I was lactose intolerant and made me eat food with butter in it. Monday morning, I found myself in health services with a fever, soar throat, and elevated white blood cell count. My diagnosis; strep, and an antibiotic.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. Congratulations Brett. You don’t actually have strep. But still I found myself going to health services with the nurse and Dr. saying I was getting worse. Two more antibiotics, and I found myself miserable. I had a cough that made it sound like I had emphysema. And to quote a frenemy of mine, “You sound like a dying whale”. 

Friday morning, guess where I found myself? If you guessed health services, congratulations, you are right, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you too! Once again I sounded worse than before, and was put on another medicine.

I’m pretty sure Ali wanted to kill me this week. Trust me, the cough was keeping me up a much as it was keeping her up. This week made me think of where I would like to get sick. Getting sick at camp sucks. Getting sick at college sucks. Getting sick in Mexico sucks. Getting sick in Italy sucks. Getting sick at home sucks, but it has its perks.

If I was at home this week, my bed and five pillows on it would be my new bff. I would sleep  all day long. When I felt like getting out of bed, it would be just to lie on the couch with my dogs, and watch reruns of One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe some America’s Next Top Model too. I would have to greatest Matzah Ball Soup from Nana’s and it would be great.

But in reality, this week was nothing like that. I felt terrible. All I wanted was Matzah Ball Soup and I couldn’t get that. I would send pictures of myself to my mom, and she would say I look like death. 

But a week later, I am almost better. I never thought I would ever appreciate being sick, but this week has made me appreciate the luxury of being sick in Livingston, NJ.

One thought on “Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Health Services I Go

  1. Maybe .. just maybe .. Health Services is what’s making you sick. Will reading this now make me sick? Ok, I need to go wash my hands.

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