You Are Cordially Invited to The Wedding of Seth Ezekiel Cohen and Blair Cornelia Waldorf

As a television junkie, when I saw last night that my fellow tribe member Adam Brody aka Seth Cohen was engaged to Leighton Meester, I was a mess. I gasped, pushed back my chair, and started to cry. I’m pretty sure that Ali thinks that I am crazy now. I had been a Gossip Girl fan, but as my best friend Sydney can tell you, I’m completely obsessed or Obsessed Completely with The O.C.

So this news his HUGE. As a huge Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts fan, I was extremely upset with Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson broke up in real life. This meant that there would be no wedding with Ryan Atwood as the best man and no Taylor Townsend as the maid of honor. Oh wait, that’s Seth’s and Summer’s actual wedding in the series finale.

Even though Rachel has been engaged to fellow actor Hayden Christensen, a small piece of me hoped that one day the two O.C. stars would reunite, but alas, that will not happen. But that’s okay.

What many people do not know is that Josh Schwartz is a mastermind. Schwartz and his longtime creative partner Stephanie Savage have created worlds for fans to get lost in. The dynamic duo is responsible for both The O.C. and Gossip Girl. Which means that they are both responsible for the careers of both Brody and Meester.

Orange County Royalty has now joined forces with Queen B of the Upper East Side. As you can imagine, now that these two beloved characters are engaged, it opens up a whole new creative world for fans. While I have never dabbled in the world of FanFiction, I can only imagine the amount of crossovers now between The O.C. and Gossip Girl. And now in the world of those creative writers, Seth Cohen doesn’t marry Summer Roberts, and Blair Waldorf does not marry Chuck Bass. But it works. Cohen is a jew, and Blair’s step-dad is a jew. I’m sure Sandy and Kirstin would love to do the holidays with Cyrus, Herald, and Eleanor. And we all know that Blair is capable of whining, so she’ll be a natural at whining “Cohen” just as Summer was.

The last time I remember anything like this happening was the whole Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush drama. If you don’t know, Murray was married to Bush, then the marriage was annulled 5 months later and he dated a 16-year-old extra on the show. This then was followed by Bush dating Murray’s on-screen brother James Lafferty. Then her on-again off-again on-again boyfriend Austin Nichols got a job on One Tree Hill and they dated, their characters got married, then they broke up.

Hopefully this time, the relationship between the former WB star and the CW star (did you know that the WB became the CW?) will work out as it is far less incestual than the confusing OTH relationship web.

So whether you are a fan of Seth and Blair Cohen or Adam and Leighton Brody, or even both, here’s to their relationship working out. And if you’re anything like me, your heart is broken and it’s time to break out the Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked and sob, because one of Hollywood’s most eligible Jewish boys is off the market.

You’ll always be in my heart Seth/Adam.Image

The Happy Couple



Be You

It’s been instilled in us since we were younger to “be yourself” because after all, there is only one you, and if someone else could do what you can do, they would be here and you wouldn’t.

So why do we find it so hard to be ourselves? We act one way in front of one person or a group of people, then change our behavior in front of another group. 

We need to be able to speak for ourselves and make our own decisions and choices. If you have your mind set on something, whether it be something small or big, go for it. Follow your heart, and make the decision for yourself. Don’t let others make the decision for you.

So you shouldn’t listen to Joss Whedon when he says, “Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck”. Yes, I laughed when I first saw this, but I am snarky person, but it doesn’t send the right message. Instead listen to Audioslave, “To be yourself is all that you can do”.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

When I was younger, I had the tendency to lie. Now that I’m older, I can’t stand when people lie. I mean sure, sometimes we lie to protect ourselves and others, and to help us make it through the day,  but when is enough enough?

I don’t understand why people have the need to lie, or to tell one person one thing, but tell another person something else? I mean don’t they know that what they say is just going to catch up to them? Seriously though, when you say something that is totally out of character, we all know it is a lie.

And let’s not forget those famous liars!

  • Bill Clinton swore that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman”
  • Brad denied hooking up with Angie while he was married to Jen
  • James Frey lied to Oprah and his book was a fraud
  • Star Jones lied about gastric bypass
  • Lance Armstrong lied about drug use
  • George Washington told his father he did not cut down that cherry tree

What about our favorite liars from TV?

  • Rebecca lied on Brothers & Sisters and claimed to be a Walker
  • Ian Banks said he was Derek, on OTH when in reality Peyton just looked like his dead girlfriend
  • Angela denied her love for Dwight on The Office
  • Angela’s husband the Senator lied about being gay
  • Kelly and Dylan lied to Brenda and told her nothing happened when she was in Paris with Donna on Beverly Hills 90210
  • Jonny Dalton aka Jonny Fairplay who constructed a lie so grand that  Survivor host Jeff Probst called it “the greatest lie in Survivor history”. He lied about his grandmother dying.

In all seriousness though, as cheesy as it sounds, maybe honesty is the best policy. Nobody wants to be let down, and yes a lie can save face, but do we really want to be lied to? And besides, nobody wants to feel the wrath of a person scorned by a lie, or feel the guilt associated with telling the lie.

So I leave you with my favorite quote from a TV show about lying. In the words of Brooke Davis, “You’re just a slutty lying liar who lies”. See, she gets right to the point.