Liar Liar Pants on Fire

When I was younger, I had the tendency to lie. Now that I’m older, I can’t stand when people lie. I mean sure, sometimes we lie to protect ourselves and others, and to help us make it through the day,  but when is enough enough?

I don’t understand why people have the need to lie, or to tell one person one thing, but tell another person something else? I mean don’t they know that what they say is just going to catch up to them? Seriously though, when you say something that is totally out of character, we all know it is a lie.

And let’s not forget those famous liars!

  • Bill Clinton swore that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman”
  • Brad denied hooking up with Angie while he was married to Jen
  • James Frey lied to Oprah and his book was a fraud
  • Star Jones lied about gastric bypass
  • Lance Armstrong lied about drug use
  • George Washington told his father he did not cut down that cherry tree

What about our favorite liars from TV?

  • Rebecca lied on Brothers & Sisters and claimed to be a Walker
  • Ian Banks said he was Derek, on OTH when in reality Peyton just looked like his dead girlfriend
  • Angela denied her love for Dwight on The Office
  • Angela’s husband the Senator lied about being gay
  • Kelly and Dylan lied to Brenda and told her nothing happened when she was in Paris with Donna on Beverly Hills 90210
  • Jonny Dalton aka Jonny Fairplay who constructed a lie so grand that  Survivor host Jeff Probst called it “the greatest lie in Survivor history”. He lied about his grandmother dying.

In all seriousness though, as cheesy as it sounds, maybe honesty is the best policy. Nobody wants to be let down, and yes a lie can save face, but do we really want to be lied to? And besides, nobody wants to feel the wrath of a person scorned by a lie, or feel the guilt associated with telling the lie.

So I leave you with my favorite quote from a TV show about lying. In the words of Brooke Davis, “You’re just a slutty lying liar who lies”. See, she gets right to the point.


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