Thank You For Kicking Me, Please Kick Me Again.

When you’re flying, there is no guarantee that you are going to have a good flight. You can be stuck sitting next to someone who smells or snores, or you can be plagued by motion sickness due to the abundance of turbulence. You can be delayed on the runway for two hours because there is no hot water to make coffee (yes, this did happen to me once). Or you can be the victim of sitting in front of children who cannot standstill.

While I am suffering from total motion sickness, I am also a victim of annoying children. As these two children probably below the age of five came onto the plane shouting, I was praying that they would not be sitting anywhere near me. However, with my stellar luck, the two rascals and their mother sat down in row 11, seats D, E, and F; right behind my mom, my brother, and me.

I knew that this was going to bad, so naturally I tweeted about it. I mean who doesn’t love sitting in front of kicking and screaming children? Raise your hand and don’t be shy!

 In the beginning, when Reed asked the mother to control her kids, she apologized. Unfortunately, her words meant absolutely nothing. I’m sure traveling alone with two young children can be a hassle for anyone, especially being the only disciplinarian. And I’m sure when Reed and I were little we weren’t the best travelers, but I’m 100% positive that our parents kept us in line, because I know neither one of them enjoys sitting in front of kicking and screaming children.

With a little more than an hour left in the flight, I had had enough. And my mom had had enough way before me. So I turned around and politely asked if the mother could make sure that her kids weren’t kicking us. Now this is where it got interesting.

This woman’s response to me was, “My kids aren’t doing anything. Next time fly first class” Not only was her response rude, but it was totally out of line.  I get that this situation probably isn’t ideal for you, but take responsibility for your children. Don’t turn around and be snide about it.

And when I announced to my dad what this lady said to me, people in other rows turned around and displayed shocked faces. Then when I turned around to see why there was pressure against my seat, it was the mother banging up against it. So while the mother crashes into my chair, unruly children kick my mom and brother.

 So, lady in row 11 seat D, you have managed to piss off an entire family. You already paid extra money to sit in Economy Plus, next time get the seats in the very first row. That way your children can kick a wall. Or better yet, next time, don’t fly at all. 

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