Sh*t My Roommate Says Part 3

When you take Ali to Florida, she is bound to say sh*t 

  • Does the flea market have fleas?
  • What’s cold medicine?
  • Can we wear our UDance shirts at Florida?
  • Wee hoo wee hoo
  • Brett wants to make a waffle with her butt
  • Is Florida a state now?
  • Chicken tenders are big
  • Did you steal the cornbread?
  • Did you steal the salad bar?
  • Did you steal that little girl’s hair tie over there?
  • How many pounds are stars?
  • I’m going to take down Mickey’s pants
  • I’m going to touch Donald’s snout
  • Hawaii’s not a state
  • Michelle Obama is like 7 feet tall
  • My favorite First Lady is Hillary Clinton
  •  We didn’t know a girl’s name that is on The Bachelor. I asked what her name was. Ali said “Laguida”
  • Most people in Long Island like Jon Bovi


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