I’m Not A Doctor, But I Play One On TV



If you don’t know by now, I am beyond obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. I have seen every single episode of it and its spinoff Private Practice, so I’m practically a doctor. Right? I mean I self-diagnosed myself with measles after watching an episode of Private Practice (or at least I thought I had measles). With the amount of medical knowledge I know, I’m qualified to be a surgeon, OBGYN, psychologist, pediatrician, and a practitioner of alternative medicine but let’s be honest, Brett + blood = a complete and total disaster.

So once upon a time, well to be exact on Thursday, March 31, 2011, I watched my first live episode of Grey’s Anatomy. You probably think that I am crazy for knowing this, but there is a reason I remember the exact date. It was the night before my first appointment with the G.I. doctor. Anyway, the first episode that I saw in its entirety was the musical one. While this episode has got
ten a ton of criticism, I was hooked.

Now, this wasn’t the first time that I had actually watched Grey’s. In fact, I remember going into my mom and dad’s room and watching an episode on the DVR, but giving up on it because I was totally confused. Fast forward to when I’m in high school, and I’m probably obsessed to at a point that is totally unhealthy.

So after that fateful day in 2011, thanks to Netflix, I was able to catch myself up to real time. I have continued to watch the show and have witnessed deaths (R.I.P. Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey), births (sup Bailey), and even weddings.

I’m even one of those people who continues to watch the episodes that are in syndication. Even though I am away at school, the DVR in the den at home continues to record the episodes that air every afternoon on Lifetime much to my family’s chagrin.

So without further ado, here’s a little insight on some of my favorite TV show characters that have been brought to life thanks to the mastermind herself, Shonda Rhimes. * DISCLAIMER: Only focusing on characters on the show now (actual doctors, sorry Jo!)*


So they main character of Grey’s Anatomy is Meredith Grey. She was dark and twisted, but not so much anymore. Her mom was Seattle Grace legend Ellis Grey, and is married to McDreamy with two kids.


Ladies, may I introduce to you the one and only Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy. Derek is a neurosurgeon who at the start of the series was still married to my girl Addison Forbes Montgomery even though he was seeing Meredith. Derek seems to be one of the moral guides to the hospital, an upstanding friend, and has had a lot of success.


Cristina Yang always had to be number one. She likes when she is the center of attention. To be totally honest with you, I don’t really like her. While I may not be a huge fan of the character that will be disappearing from the shows after this season’s finale, Sandra Oh did a spectacular job playing her.


Owen Hunt at one point was married to Yang. Once again, not a huge fan of the character, so I will just say that he should find someone who actually wants to have kids so he can move on with his life.



Calzona. Now you might be thinking that I meant to type Calzone, but I didn’t. Calzona is the celebrity couple name of Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins. Grey’s had attempted the lesbian story line before, but this one is the best. I actually love these two together. They have been through a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. But there’s something about these two. And while both of the actresses in real life are straight, they do a really good job acting as a couple.

220px-Dr._Arizona_Robbins CallieTorres
Alex Karev has come a long way since the series started. Originally, he was an egotistical jerk who only cared about himself. However, he has transformed completely in part because of a slew of psycho girlfriends and a wife. He is now pediatric surgeon, which is funny because he wanted to go into plastics.


Miranda Bailey was the resident that was in charge of the interns when they entered the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial back in the day when it was known as Seattle Grace. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Bailey is a mom. She has a history of being tough and scary.



JACKSON AND APRIL ARE PERFECT (or maybe they aren’t after seeing the preview to this week’s episode). SO GLAD THEY ELOPED. Fun fact, I had a dream a few days ago where I was speaking to Jackson in Spanish. That is all.

220px-AprilKepnerpicture 220px-Jesse-williams-greys



Webber started off as the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace. Even though he isn’t the chief anymore, he is still referred to as Chief Webber, and he’ll always be the chief in my mind.



So if you have taken anything away from this blog, you should know that Grey’s Anatomy is one hell of a television show. Even though my mother makes fun of me for watching it, it really is good, and I suggest you go log onto your Netflix account now and start watching it from
season 1 episode 1. Now some ABC executive is going to be happy that I said this; Grey’s Anatomy is all new this Thursday at 9 pm on ABC. Check it out!