Life in Perspective

Growing up in suburbia it almost seems as if we life inside a safe bubble that is impermeable to all means. In our protected bubble, it seems that nothing can go wrong. We continue to live our lives as if we are invincible, but that’s just a cruel illusion.

We hear about tragedies and horrible occurrences that happen around our nation, and we think how lucky we are. We acknowledge that these acts exist, but we never think that it will happen to us or someone that we know. And until it does, we truly do not understand what it feels like to be a victim to life’s unfair ways.

In June 2011, I saw something posted on Facebook.  Someone who I went to camp with had gone missing. Three years later, she is still missing. We see on the news stories about children who are lost or who have been abducted, but it hits you differently when it has happened to someone that you know or know of.

This morning, that feeling of loss returned to me once again. A former classmate of mine tragically lost his life last night, and the circumstances are still under investigation. I am not one to hypothesis what happened, so if you are looking for that, this is not the blog for you. I personally did not know him. After middle school, he went to private school, but that doesn’t mean that this loss does not mean anything to me or anyone who just knew of him like me.

A death is still a death, there is no other way to put it. Never in a million years did I think that a former classmate of mine would be the victim of such a travesty. There’s no other way to put it.

We think we live in a protective bubble, and sometimes, it is easier to get through the day thinking that. Tragedies like this put life in perspective. We aren’t guaranteed anything, and life can be unfair and cruel. We need to live each day to┬áthe fullest and tell our friends and families that we love them.


Live From The Waiting Room

No matter where I am or where I am going, time is important to me. I like to leave early to get to a destination and arrive to said place early.

I’ve always liked to be early or on time. I remember always being nervous at camp when we were on a trip when we were approaching our check in time. I had to be there early. The earlier, the better.

When appointments run on time, everything is in order, and hopefully things will go smoothly. But when something runs late, everything crumbles down around as if I’m playing a game of JENGA.

One of my biggest pet peeves in when doctors appointments start late. I just don’t have the patients( get it? bad joke, I know) to wait.

So right now, I’m live from an doctors office because I’ve managed to get hurt once again. My appointment was at 3:30. I got here at 3:20. The women sitting next to me had an appointment scheduled for 2:30 and she has yet to make it to an exam room. Then she tells me that the doctor is good, but once I get to an exam room my appointment won’t begin for approximately 30 more minutes. Oh the joy!

To be fair, I know that emergencies happen and that some patients require more time to be seen. Life gets in the way and people run late all the time. But our time is worth something. And it’s clear that the young man in a wheel chair doing laps around the waiting room is with me on this.

My mom was supposed to come to this appointment. But she has to be somewhere with Reed at 5:15. By the time she would arrive here, odds are she’d have to turn around and leave. And I’m supposed to be somewhere too. Well okay, a Starbucks and or froyo date with one of my friends can happen any time, but it’s the principle.

My appointment was scheduled for 3:30. Now it’s 4. I say, I’m lucky if I get out of here by 5:30. Wish me luck.