The Cookie Dough Cafe



One day when I was at school, I was looking through Snapchat stories. As I was looking, something caught my eye. A girl who is a year older than my campers (side note: I have no idea how she found my Snapchat and added me) had something interesting in her story. She had a picture of what looked like a container of cookie dough.

Intrigued,  I wrote down the name that was featured on the jar of cookie dough and looked it up. The Cookie Dough Cafe is a company that was started by two sisters in Illinois. Something that had me thinking is that on the jar it says “Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough”.

Now if you’re like me, any and all cookie dough is edible. But after further investigation, I found out that what makes this product “edible” is that it is egg free. Now cookie dough can be eaten without risking the harmful effects of consuming raw eggs.

I played around on the website, and I saw that there are some stores that carry The Cookie Dough Cafe and that there are some supermarkets that carry it as well. I scrolled on down to the New Jersey section and saw that there was no store near me that sold this dreamy snack. However, there was a form you could fill out asking your supermarket to start supplying this treat.

I was too much of a chicken to fill out the form, and quite frankly, I forgot all about this. Today though, I was strolling through the refrigerated aisle of Kings and what do you know, The Cookie Dough Cafe cookie dough was staring at me.

This genius product comes in four different flavors. This includes traditional Chocolate Chip, Monster (chocolate chips, M & Ms,  peanut butter, and rolled oats), Cookies & Cream (cookie dough loaded with pieces of Oreos), and Naked Dough which essentially is sugar cookie dough.

Kings had two flavors available, Chocolate Chip and Monster, and since I didn’t feel like dying due to a peanut allergy, I went with Chocolate Chip. I bought a big jar of it, but also available, was a small pack of 4 which is a snack pack and each cup is an individual serving.

As soon as I got home, I went straight for a spoon and dug in. The cookie dough is AMAZING!! It is creaming and light, and the perfect amount of sweet and savory, with just the right amount of salt in it to cut the sweetness of the sugar.

Run out to Kings now and pick this up! This Shark Tank featured product was so good. I’m glad it finally showed up in Livingston.

Check out their website and Facebook page today!







The Picky Eater


Besides a love of pop culture, I also have a love for all things food. Let me clarify that, I do not love all things food. I’m an extremely picky eater. So maybe I’m not as picky as some people, but when I like something, it’s a big deal. When I was younger, I wanted to be a chef, and culinary school was something I saw in my future. Even though my passions have changed, I still love baking and cooking. Sunday nights are reserved for father-daughter bonding over The Food Network. For my birthday or Hanukkah one year, I even got a fancy schmancy Kitchen Aid mixer. My mom did say that I can go to culinary school after I graduate from UD if that is something I choose to do. So now, here’s a new section of the blog, The Picky Eater. Enjoy!