10 Things I Learned From Commuting This Summer

With my internship coming to an end, it’s time to reflect what I have learned from my daily commute…

1. Welcome to the real world! Get used to the commute, you’re going to be doing it everyday at some point.


2. Yes, sometimes you’ll be forced to sit next to the person who snoring so loudly that headphones don’t make a difference.


3. Like it or not, the train is always going to be crowded. You’re not the only one trying to get into New York City.


4. Good luck finding a seat on the subway in the morning.


5. Have your ticket out and ready, whether it is an actual ticket or on your phone. You don’t want to be that asshole.


6. No matter how fast you try to get through Penn Station, no matter how early it is, there will always be confused tourists around you who for some reason make you angry.


7. It’s okay if you miss your subway stop. Yes, it may freak you out, especially if it’s during the second week of your internship, but it happens to the best of us.


8. No matter how fast you try to run trying to catch an earlier train, you will miss it most of the time, you may even fall in the process.


9. Mass transit can suck, get used to it.


10. Relax on your train ride. In total, you spend at least an hour on the train each day. Take the time to unwind while your not at work.